Terry Price – 60 years Certificate

Terry Price – 60 years Certificate.

VW. Bro Ray Guthrie PGSwdB, PDepPGM presented 60th Anniversary Certificate to W. Bro. Terry Price who was initiated into Fidelity and Sincerity Lodge no 1966 in September 1960 but due to COVID the presentation was delayed. W. Bro. Terry has been Master of Wellington School Lodge (1976) and Somerset Tablers’ Lodge (1985) as well as being in numerous side degrees. The brethren recognised W. Bro. Terry’s Masonic history  with enthusiastic acclamation. W. Bro. Terry thanked VW Ray for attending and presenting him with the certificate especially as he had been in attendance at the Provincial AGM earlier in the day, a very long day which did not end with the presentation of the certificate as W. Bro. Terry also delivered the Traditional History and, at very short notice, the Explanation of the 3rd degree Tracing Board.

V W Bro Ray Guthrie presenting a 60 years certificate to W Bro Terry Price