It’s a Family Affair

On 6th January 2022 Oliver Judd was Initiated into the Lodge, our first Initiate of 2022.

Oliver’s father, W Bro Gary Judd, a Past Master of the Lodge, carried out the ceremony on behalf of the Worshipful Master, abled assisted by his son, Bro Nick Judd, the Junior Deacon. Also present was Oliver’s Uncle, Bro Wayne Judd, from the Province of Cornwall making it truly a family affair.

A special occasion for all concerned, made all the more enjoyable by a flawless rendition of the First Degree Charge by W Bro Andy Williams, the Junior Warden.

Left to right, W.Bro Gary Judd, Bro Oliver Judd, Bro Wayne Judd and Junior Deacon Bro Nick Judd. Standing behind are Senior Deacon Peter Roworth and Master of the Lodge Robin Cassell.